The Millenium Trip

In December of 1999, it was time for yet another adventure out to Florida. This time, I would have the chance to visit a couple new places in Florida, and a few that I had already been to. One particularly cool part of the trip was the chance to make a triumphant return to Daytona. Also on the agenda, some time in Tampa, Brandenton, Miami (now my favorite US city) and a millenium celebration in the Florida Keys. Check out the Journals for will be up later.

Dates Pictures Journals
Dec. 23   The Plane Ride and the Daytona Mishap
Dec. 24-28   Christmas at Lyle's
Dec. 28-30   Miami!!! South Beach...Bringin' the Heat
Dec. 31- Jan. 4   Entering a new century in Key West, Back to Miami.


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