Central America

In March of 2005, I got a chance to make my first trip down to Central America. It was my first chance to do some backpacking since my big trip to South America and the experience did not disappoint. I began in San Salvdor where I went to my friend Karina's wedding. Afterwards I hooked up with a few other backpackers as the road took me on an action packed jaunt through Guatemala. The trip culminated in two days of partying with my buddy Eduardo in Guatemala City. Below you'll find pictures and journals

Dates Journals
Mar. 4 Prologue
Mar. 4 The first night of partying in San Salvador
Mar. 5 The day of the wedding
Mar. 4-6 PICTURES: San Salvador and Karina's wedding
Mar. 6-8 Moving on to Guatemala and hiking an active volcano
Mar. 6-8 PICTURES: Antigua and Hiking the Pacaya Volcano
Mar. 9-10 Off to Coban, Hiking in Semuc Champey
Mar. 11-12 Rock star partying with Eddy in Guatemala City
Mar. 13-14 Heading back to the real world
Mar. 9-14 PICTURES: Semuc Champey, Coban, and Guatemala City

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