Monterrey III

Captions written by Tony C
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Here is the start of the Hike at Mitras...

Adrian is studying for his Ph.D in Molecular Biology but...

Here is the rest of group. They started before us because...

This pic gives a good representation of the steepness of the slope.

The beautiful mountains pictured above form a canyon

The rocks here are pretty loose, which made the trip down extremely fun!

This guy secretly wants to work for GE! Here is Adrian...

Now you can really see how this mountain sort of looks like a canyon.

You can see San Pedro from this mountain but only from the other side or the top.

Is that Victoriano actually sitting down, taking a rest?

Here is another one of us navigating the route and picking the best path.

Here is another one looking north.

It was at about this point that we started sobering up.

Finally, we arrived to "el paso de las bicicletas" as one group!

Just in case you missed it the first time, here it is in panoramic view!

We're off to go explore the caves.

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