From left to right: John, Yanira, Nadia, Oscar, Cotti, Tony, and Claudia

Matacanes is situated in the Cola de Caballo range which is the part of the Sierra Madre mountains that almost completely encircle the Mexican city of Monterrey. Located there is a high mountain adventure course that basically consists of an 8 hour downhill trek that combines rappelling, cliff jumping, swimming, and hiking through beautiful waterfalls, caves. The pictures you see here capture some of the scenic views that the region offers.

  In April, 2002, Tony organized a trip for several us from Houston and Monterrey to take on the challenge of conquering the course. It was a bit challenging, but it was quite an adventure. The mountains and views were absolutely spectacular. We also got a chance to get a little peak at Monterrey, Mexico...which is a fantastic city. Anyone who is visiting Mexico should definitely put Monterrey on their list. Take a look at one of the coolest places and things I have experienced!


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April 26, 2002 Problems at the border
April 27-28, 2002 The Adventure of Matacanes on 45 minutes of sleep!


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