Saturday 09-January-2010
Happy New Year to all! Wow, where does the time go?? The last 6 months flew by so fast, I can't believe it. Looks like my prophecy from July was right on the money. In 10 days, we're heading to Asia for a 2 month romp through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. Should be a great time. I had a lot of fun in Boston the last 6 months, but I'm ready to leave the snow behind. I'll make no proclamations about getting this website up to date...still have lots of stuff from our last trip to post. I've been redesigning the site the past month so hopefully before we leave I'll be rolling out The Cooper Chronicles 2.0. Lots to do between now and then so don't count on it. At the very least, there will be new journals sent and posted for our Asia trip.


Saturday 18-July-2009
Yes, I know it's been far too long with no update. Things have been a bit of whirlwind the past few months. The economy out in Cali claimed another victim...after looking for 4 months and not being able to find anything, I decided to come back to Boston for awhile. Luckily, I was able to go back to my old company and things are going good. I'll be on the east coast until the end of the year and then I'm heading west again...although I may be heading back the long way by going to Asia first:) Laptop trouble is limiting my abilitly to post the photos from the last part of our trip but I'm working on it and will try to update again soon.

Sunday 08-March-2009
Greetings from sunny, Southern California. Just a quick update on things...I've been here for a few weeks now and it has been going good. I've been focusing all my energy on my job hunt and have a few things in the mix. I'll have a little more free time during the coming week so I'll try to get back to working on the website. For now, I posted a few more pictures from Ecuador. Here are some from a beautiful hike to Fuya Fuya, a few from white water rafting, and some good party pictures from Banos Ecuador.

Monday 26-January-2009
Sad news. The trip has finally come to and end. Tomorrow I'll board a plane for the USA. I'm headed to San Diego in a couple weeks and will look to continue this crazy adventure of a life out there. I have posted some final thoughts and thanks and also click to here to find out what's next and read about the favorites, bests, and worsts of the trip. Thanks everyone for following along on our journey.

Monday 08-December-2008
We finally made it to Peru!! We're at a beach town in Mancora and thanks to some fast internet I was able to make a HUGE update today. I've posted some new journals as well as tons of pictures. All pics from Colombia are now posted. There are some great pictures of the beautiful city of Cartagena, and some cool videos of us in the Mud Volcano near there. There are also some great artistic shots from the Salt Cathedral in Bogota, and we loved a little mountain town called Villa de Leyva. We ended up doing the Zona Cafetera with my friend Angelica from Bogota and got some great photos from Salento and Valle de Cocora. Last but not least, here’s some pictures and videos of me and Drouyn/Australia getting tattoos in Popayan!

Thursday 27-November-2008
Happy Thanksgiving to all! The poor internet speeds in Ecuador have crippled my ability to upload anything. The first place we find with a decent connection I will be making a big update with photos and posting a few journals. I hope everyone enjoys a great Turkey Day.

Monday 03-November-2008
We are in Ecuador now and doing great. Jodi's Mom was visiting us last week which went great. I finally posted the journal from our sailing trip. I'm getting caught up with pictures and journals so check back regularly over the next couple weeks.

Sunday 19-October-2008
Still loving life here in Colombia. I haven't had time to write as much as I'd like but I am posting pictures and videos still. All the pictures/videos from our sailing trip from Panama to Colombia are now posted as well as hundreds of pictures from our six day trek to the Lost City.

Monday 06-October-2008 was a September to remember! We have spent a lot of time off the grid and I'm getting even more behind than usual. We are in Bogota now and I am upoading like crazy. I posted the rest of our Nicaragua pictures and the pictures from Starfish beach and Bocas del Toro. Everything from El Valle and Panama City is now posted as well. In the next couple days I'll be posting all the pictures/videos and journal from our sailing trip from Panama to Colombia.

Thursday 11-September-2008
We are finally in Colombia and it's beautiful here! I posted a few new pictures today. There are some really nice underwater photos form diving in Utila, and also pictures of the week we spent there. Check out the Monkey Hut in Nicaragua and here's a look at some of the beaches in Playa del Coco and the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.

Wednesday 27-August-2008
I posted a few new journals today. The ATM journal is a must read and also I posted about Tikal. There are some new pictures from Santa Catalina posted as well.

Monday 18-August-2008
We're in Panama City now staying with my friends Karina and Mario. It's been great here and we are trying to find a boat to Colombia. Meanwhile, I am posting a ton of pictures...everything from our month in Boquete has been posted, including a great night at La Cabana, some fun with the Howler Monkeys, the Cafe Ruiz Coffee tour, and the party from our last night there. I also put up more videos of animals from Paradise Gardens. The last of the Guatemala pictures are up too...don't miss the beautiful Lago Atitlan. I also posted pictures from when Jodi's Mom was here; the Copan Ruins and Roatan in Honduras

Thursday 17-July-2008
Big update today...I've posted a few hundred pictures from Guatemala, including Tikal and Semuc Champey. I've also added a bunch of videos from Guatemala and videos of the animals at Paradise Gardens where we are volunteering here in Boquete.

Sunday 29-June-2008
We are in Boquete Panama now and just began volunteering at Paradise Gardens, a wild life rescue and rehab center. It's a beautiful place with tons of playful birds and monkeys. We plan to stick around here for a month before we continue on through Panama, so hopefully I'll be able to get a lot of pictures posted.

Tuesday 22-April-2008
We've been in Guatemala the last few weeks. We spent some time up north seeing Tikal and at the moment we are in a town on Lago is absolutely beautiful here. We'll be in Guatemala for another week but we're looking forward to a visit from Jodi's Mom on May 1. Journals and pictures are way behind but you can always see where we are by clicking here!

Thursday 03-April-2008
We are still in Belize at the moment but should be headed to Guatemala in the next couple days. Everything is going phenomenal still and we have had an amazing time in Belize...a small country that has A LOT to offer. We spent time diving in the Cayes, and saw some great ruins like Lamanai. We also spent a few days doing great hikes in Cockscomb Wild Life Sanctuary and finished up with the incredible ATM tour near San Ignacio. Slow/No internet has limited my postings but a couple new journals are up today along with pictures. I also added a new interactive Google Map that shows our progress!

Friday 07-March-2008
The Quest II is rolling along great. We arrived in Belize yesterday after spending 3 great weeks in Mexico. We saw some great unknown places like Rio Lagartos, and also were impressed by the beauty of places like Cozumel. We got wet swimming in the Cenotes near Tulum and saw one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza. I've posted a few more pics and a journal today and will continue to get things up as fast as I can. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday 14-February-2008
Happy Valentine's Day everybody! It's the day for love so I'm spreading the love and putting the site back up for now. Be warned; I'm still making a lot of changes...there were will be some missing pages and broken links. I've added about 1500 pictures from the past 1.5 years. Tons of new pics in Boston and Voyages sections so if you've seen me and my camera since August of '06, you're probably in a few pics. We are in Cancun now and everything is going great...still in decompression mode and I'm going nuts trying to get this site to where I want it before we really get going. More upates will follow soon.

Monday. 11-February-2008
BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TODAY: Tomorrow I'm boarding a plane for Cancun and The Quest II will officially begin. It has been 3.5 years since it was just me and my backpack, bouncing from place to place, seeing what kind of madness we could get into. I can't wait to get it going again and this time there's an added twist: The rollercoaster will have another passenger. My girlfriend Jodi has decided to join me in the world of the wandering. Who knows what great adventures await here to go to the new Quest II page and follow along...

Sat. 08-June-2007
Hello to everyone out there. I know from this main page, it looks like the site has not been updated, but many pictures continue to be added to both The Voyages and the Boston section. Both are still behind, but if you haven't been here in awhile, check them out...especially the pictures from a trip to Panama from last Xmas/New Year's. Also, I'll be doing the Pan-Mass Challenge again this summer. It's a 84 mile bike ride that benefits cancer research. Anyone wishing to donate to the cause, please click here. There are many more pictures I'll be putting up throughout the summer, so keep checking back!

Mon. 28-May-2007
This website turned 5 years old today. I cannot believe what it has grown to since it's meager beginnings. Looking back, it's allowed me to keep one gigantic snapshot of what has been an incredible journey over the past 5 years. Without it, so many memories and faces would have faded away (hey, I'm an old man!) As I browsed through it today, it made me realize that the THOUSANDS of hours have been worth it and it gives me an appreciation for the magnitude of all I've done since 2002. Thanks to all who visit. I hope to continue on with this amazing project for many years to come.


Sun. 21-Nov-2004
Major update today!! I've added a new Boston section, which has all the pictures I've taken since arriving in the US, including pictures from Florida, Houston, Chicago, and NYC. Also, there are pictures from hiking Mt. Monadnock and from Dave and Carla's wedding. Journals have been added to the end of The Quest (including a head to head breakdown of Sao Paulo vs. Buenos Aires), as well as to the new Boston section. Lastly, you will notice I've put up over 200 new pictures from my first trip to South America in 2002.

Wed. 05-Oct-2004
Hello everyone!!  I know the site hasn't been updated since I returned to the USA.  I have limited internet access at the moment, but a HUGE update is coming very soon.  Be sure to keep checking back.  I've made it to Boston and everything is going great so far...although it's beginning to get cold.  Go Red Sox!!!

Tues. 27-Jul-2004
Many pictures from Buenos Aires have been added to The Quest as well as many journal updates. Also, I'll be back in the USA on Aug 23!! Some new sections will be added to the site soon that will include some things such as this file that contains my favorite excerpts from Doug McLean's journals.

Thurs. 29-Apr-2004
I finally made a MAJOR update in The Players section today! I am still working on it but the page got a major overhaul and MANY people have been added. Also, The Quest continues to be added to.

Wed 14-Apr-2004
Although it appears from this page that the site has not been updated recently, I have continually added to the Quest. That's right, I'm STILL travelling and loving it!! Click the link above to get an update.

Wed 2-Sep-2003
I have changed webhosts and the site was updated significantly today I have added ALL the pictures I have taken since I have been living in Sao Paulo and teaching English. Some new journals are up also so visit the Quest and get an update on my travels.

Thu 30-Jan-2003
MAJOR NEWS!!!!! I have finally done it. I decided that it was time for me to follow my passion and pursue a life dream. I am taking a leave of abscence from school and going to TRAVEL 'TIL I DROP!!!! Today I boarded a plane headed for Brazil and I'm not looking back. Click here to go to THE QUEST main page and join me on the adventure of a life time.

Mon 27-Jan-2003
Hundreds of new pics are up...Anthony's party, Christmas in Houston...a great Sunday at Fraggo's, Bruna's and The Social, and New Year's Eve in Houston. Go to the Houston section and check out all the new editions!!!

Thu 28-Nov-2002
Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!! I've made some new additions to the site over the past couple months. I now have some great new wheels since I totaled my old car. Also, I have added some pics from a great Mana concert and some weekends here in Houston. The greatest new addition is in the Voyages section...a trip back to Notre Dame!!! It was a lot of fun, despite a very painful loss to Boston College. Oh, by the way, I went to Monterrey AGAIN for a wedding. Can't ever get enough Monterrey!

Wed 25-Sep-2002
Hello out there folks! Welcome back to the Chronicles! An excellent H-town summer has produced countless memories and some awesome pictures. Go to the Houston section to see A LOT of the great new pictures from a few parties this summer and some crazy nights out at the clubs. Another key part of this summer was THREE great weekend road trips to Monterrey Mexico!!! Check out the pictures in The Voyages. Also, my friends and I did a six mile bike race called the Muddy Buddy in Austin a couple weeks back. Don't miss the pictures!! Thanks for visiting.

Fri 19-July-2002
A MAJOR UPDATE today!!! I Removed those pesky adds! The frames got a major overhaul to make navigation easier. The Houston section has expanded IMMENSELY and has TONS of new pictures up. The La Strada section has finally been started...don't miss it. The Voyages section has some new additions...including the trip to the east coast from last year, and another recent trip to Monterrey for a wedding. Also a lot of journals have been added to the South America section (still a bit to go) and the powerpoint files of ALL of the South America pictures are also now available for download.

Fri 07-Jun-2002
Made some updates!! All journals for Matacanes section are done. Also added journals for first part of South America trip. Check them out!! Made a few changes to try and make navigation easier. I am open to suggestions. Fixed broken links in the South America pictures section and shrank some of the pictures so pages load a bit faster...still slow for modems though, sorry! Thanks to all for encouraging e-mails. I will keep working to fill in the site as fast as possible.

Tues 28-May-2002
Well, the site has just gone live today!! A lot of it is under construction and I will be adding to it as quickly as possible over the next several months so be sure to check back often. For now, check out The Voyages section, where I have posted the pics from Guadalupe Peak, South America, and Matacanes. BE SURE TO SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!! (bottom of page)