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Friday 27-Nov-2020

What has looked like a completely defunct site for several years is exactly that! I've left this up over the years as a place to look back at pictures/stories and it has served the purpose well. It's also a great time capsule of what websites and site design looked like in the early 2000s :) I've wanted to get back to writing recently. First step has been to migrate this entire site over to wordpress, which is a current work in progress in the background (about 65% done). Hopefully The Cooper Chronicles 3.0 will emerge in 2021!

Sunday 30-Oct-2011

It's been way too long since this site was updated...and there is A LOT for me to post up here. I'm hoping to get some work done on this before the end of the year. Jodi and I are now married, living in San Diego, and expecting our first child in March! So much great news in our lives and so many pictures/stories to post here. I hope this site can be revamped and up to date in the coming months.

Tuesday 09-March-2010

Finally Well, just like that, my time in Asia has come to an end. Boarding a plane for the USA tomorrow. I have been and will continue to work on pictures and journals. Posted another journal today along with pics from Angkor Wat and several from Vietnam. Check the sidebar for links.

Wednesday 24-February-2010

Finally uploaded some pictures and journals today. All the pictures from Thailand have been added. I've only put up the first two journals. I've added a new comment section to the journals...I hope it works because I didn't have time to test it or configure it. Please feel free to leave comments. All the new stuff can be found here on the Southeast Asia Page.

Tuesday 16-February-2010

Greetings from Cambodia and Welcome to the new and improved version of The Cooper Chronicles! I've made some major changes to the site design. Hopefully navigation should be smoother and the pages should now render correctly in all browsers. During this construction phase, you may find a few broken links but I'm working to clean those up. I've put up the Asia section finally and will be uploading pictures and journals at our next stop in Vietnam.

Wednesday 04-February-2010

Having a blast in Thailand so far! Just a quick note for anyone checking for updates: I have lots of pictures uploaded and a few stories but I'm working on getting the website upgraded before posting. In the meantime, there is lots of construction going on so some links may be broken and pages missing since most of the changes I'm making are functional. Apprearance of the site won't change until the last step but I'm getting very close to launching the Chronicles 2.0!

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